Bolognese Clubs

List of Bichon Bolognese Clubs around the world.

British Bolognese Dog Club

British Bolognese dog club.

Bolognese Club of America (BCA)

Bolognese Club of America is the original Bolgonese club for America. Bert and Dorothy Goodale were the first to bring the Bolognese to America in the mid 1980s, when they learned that the Bolognese had become rare enough to be considered almost extinct. The Goodales imported their first Bolognese in 1986 and established the national breed club and registry for the Bolognese in 1987.

Bolognese Club of Canada (BCOC)

Bolognese Club of Canada

The BCOC "is a dog fanciers club created for all who wish to ensure the best interests of the Bolognese that are bred and raised in Canada or else where or for those who share a common interest in the breed". Founded by Carrie Belair.