Havanese History

The Havana Silk Dogs as they were once known did not originate in cuba but were brought by boat to be sold to wealthy Cuban families shortly after the colonization of Cuba by the Spaniards in the 15 th century.

Without outside influences, the breed is believed to have adapted to the hot Cuban climate because they are considered to be relatively heat-tolerant dogs due to their unique coat. The Cubans believe the hair protects the eyes from the sun and so they never clipped the hair or tied the hair in a topknot hence the Havanese look of today.

The Havanese were in the height of their popularity in Europe in the mid-eighteenth century being adored by Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens, and being shown in European dog shows.

The Havanese began to die out during the Cuban revolution and a handful of them were brought to the United States where they started to rebuild the breed.